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Mr and Mrs Iyer

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One man... one woman... one unforgettable journey...

A bus rolls down a narrow, winding, hilly road in rural India. On board is a collage of people from different parts of India, creating a sort of mini-India in the bus.

Meenakshi Iyer (Konkona Sensharma) is travelling with her 9-month-old son, Santanam but while boarding is introduced to Raja Chowdhary (Rahul Bose), a wildlife photographer who undertakes to look after them on the journey. Everyone on the bus assumes them to be a couple.

The bus is stopped by an angry mob of Hindu extremists on the prowl for Muslims. They're out to avenge the burning of a Hindu village. A storm of communal violence and hatred has swept over the entire area, with people killing one another, and bloodshed and fire all around. The news sends a chill down Raja's spine. He is Muslim.

Born and raised in an orthodox Brahmin family, Meenakshi is shocked to learn of Raja's background. She starts to maintain her distance from him. But fate has other ideas. Looking at the inhuman way in which Muslims are being killed, she can't help but save his life. She lies to the Hindu extremists, saying that they're a married Hindu couple, "Mr and Mrs Iyer."

But they have to leave the bus soon, in search of another way to reach home. Now they have no one but each other for support. The intense violence and enmity they witness all around brings them even closer. Humanity reshapes their old, conventional beliefs and religious differences are soon forgotten. They now feel a strong attraction for each other. Confused and scared, they don't know where the journey will lead them...

Persons of interest

  • Rahul Bose .... Raja
  • Konkona Sensharma .... Meenakshi Iyer
  • Bhisham Sahni
  • Surekha Sikri
  • Anjan Dutt
  • Esha Chauhan
  • Bharat Kaul .... Officer of the Rapid Action Force
  • Dulal Dey .... Storywriter
  • Aparna Sen .... Storywriter
  • Aparna Sen .... Director
  • Aparna Sen .... Director

Cinematic intelligence sources

  • Mr and Mrs Iyer QuickTime movie trailers
  • Awards and film festivals:
    • Hawaii International Film Festival 2002: Win: Best Feature Film (Aparna Sen)
    • Locarno International Film Festival 2002: Win: Netpac Award (Aparna Sen); Youth Jury Award: 2nd place; Nomination: Golden Leopold Award (Aparna Sen)
  • NB: Bengali, English, Hindi and Tamil languages with English language subtitles
  • Studios and distributors:
    • MG Distribution

Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

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Security censorship classification

M (Low level violence, low level coarse language)

Surveillance time

123 minutes (2:03 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 31 July 2003

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Mr and Mrs Iyer imageMr and Mrs Iyer imageMr and Mrs Iyer imageMr and Mrs Iyer imageMr and Mrs Iyer image

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